Current activities

Congresses, meetings & workshops

  • September 9-10, 2021, PASG (Parental Alienation Study Group –, experts working in the study group on parent-child alienation worldwide, met in Brussels to discuss ways of prevention. Many aspects were presented as well as the successful interdisciplinary work of judges and psychologists in Germany and Belgium.  
  • In June 2022 a conference of the International Acadamy of Practice with Alienated Children will take place in Acre/Israel



Information on the topic

  • Film “Weil Du mir gehörst” (German) by Katrin Bühlig, available for example at amazon.
  • Blog (English): Karen Woodall, the transgenerational expert in London in the area of separation, divorce, and alienation, writes  about her experience, insights, and current developments.
  • The 5-factor model for diagnosing parental alienation and 17 common alienating behaviors by William Bernet M.D. https://www.familyaccessfighting
  • For families and individuals dealing with estrangement and parental alienation Joshua Coleman, Ph.D.