Current activities

Congresses, meetings & workshops

  • The conference on “Separation, Alienation and Division in Families: Healing Beyond Reunification” organized by the European Association of Scientists, Therapists and Counselors Working in Parent-Child Alienation (EAPAP) took place in 2020 September, 16-18 as an online conference. Specialists working in the fields of abuse, trauma, and attachment came together to examine existing therapies and models – such as the psychological splitting of alienated children – and to develop ways of working with children who have experienced divorce and abuse. Source:
  • In summer September 9-10, 2021, PASG (Parental Alienation Study Group), experts working in the study group on parent-child alienation worldwide, will meet in Brussels



Information on the topic

  • Film “Weil Du mir gehörst” (German) by Katrin Bühlig, available until 15-09-2021 (see this link) and the Podcast “Trennungskinder – zwischen Eltern” (German) (see this link)


  • Report “Kampf ums Kind: Trennung und ihre Folgen” (German) available until 27 May 2021


  • Blog (English): Karen Woodall, the transgenerational expert in London in the area of separation, divorce, and alienation, writes  about her experience, insights, and current developments.