Current activities

Congresses, meetings & workshops

  • The international contributions at the 6th ICSP Congress in Athens (May 5-7, 2023) showed the importance of timely and interactive intervention in EKE cases. Marie-France Carlier successfully implements the Cochem model in Belgium. A small “offshoot” the Greiz model was presented by the Erbarth/Danowski-Reetz team. Zina Jorna presented the low-threshold, playful approach in the Netherlands including the “parenting plans” needed for divorce.
  • Many talks on the 5th Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG) Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, June 16 – 19, 2023, showed again the importance of a very early and interdisciplinary intervention in PA. The report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and Girls, which very manipulatively attempts to deny parent-child alienation, also took much room. According to William Bernet, “Journal of child custody” with their good PR relations in US is the source of the pseudoscientific articles denying PA. It was pointed out that many scientific articles support PA and further research has been encouraged. I share Linda Gottlieb’s closing words here: Colleagues, Scientists, Guardians, Champions, and Protectors of Children: Lend your voices to bringing back from their coffins the inconvenient truths about alienation and about effective treatment. Lend your voices to overcome the voices of the vociferous few who have weaponized unsuspecting reporters and others; lend us your voices to counter the evil inflicted upon children because alienators are not honorable and protective parents.
  • 24.-26.11.2023 in Hannover – 20. Familienkongress des VafK: von Bindungsfürsorge zu EKE, Einfluss des Erziehungsverhaltens


Information on the topic

  • Film “Weil Du mir gehörst” (German) by Katrin Bühlig
  • Blog (English): Karen Woodall, the transgenerational expert in London in the area of separation, divorce, and alienation, writes  about her experience, insights, and current developments.
  • The 5-factor model for diagnosing parental alienation and 17 common alienating behaviors by William Bernet M.D. https://www.familyaccessfighting
  • For families and individuals dealing with estrangement and parental alienation Joshua Coleman, Ph.D.